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MOOD for Teachers & Practitioners

Image by Greg Rakozy


MOOD is the first virtual reality community dedicated to sharing immersive experiences based on proven & established best practices for expanding mental wellbeing, increasing emotional fitness, and improving people’s overall perception of life satisfaction.


Whether you practice any form of meditative or reflective practices, are a therapist, neuroscientist, spiritual leader, musician, or life coach, MOOD offers you the opportunity to create truly immersive experiences based on your expertise without needing any technical know-how.


We’ve made it simple and affordable to create virtual reality experiences that can enhance your practice, and your s' well-being. Our goal is to create the largest community for mental well-being and personal growth in the world.

Our objective is to make MOOD your platform of choice to make your work accessible to more people while generating more income.


Through VR, we are transcending language and geography to bring together people from all over the world with one shared goal: to increase everyone’s feeling of well-being.


We welcome Professional Practitioners from any tradition, creed, or profession who share a passion for making an impact on people’s quality of life. 

Expert Practitioner Revenue Sharing Program

Qualified teachers & practitioners are eligible to participate in our Expert Practitioner Revenue Sharing Program. We have established this program to allow practitioners like you to participate in the revenues generated through the sale of subscriptions paid by consumers to access the MOOD App and its content library.


The highlights of the Program are:

  • MOOD shares the revenues generated through the sale of subscriptions on a 50/50 basis with all teachers on the platform

  • You will receive your corresponding share based on your share of total streams

  • You retain full ownership of the content you upload. 

  • Publish as much content as you wish.  Take it down when you wish.

  • No exclusivities required. No contracts to sign. 


To qualify you must demonstrate: (1) that the content you create is related to practice that you perform at a professional level, or (2) proof of credentials in the field in which you are being your content.

Additional Opportunities

We will soon offer the ability to publish courses for sale as well as host live classes and events.

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What kind of content qualifies?

Our community consists of professional practitioners who follow a wide range of traditions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Mysticism, and Secular Mindfulness. 


Others are psychologists practicing different techniques ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to Integrated Family Systems, to Positive Psychology.  


Some are neurofeedback experts or color & sound therapists. And yet others are artists, musicians, and architects.


We welcome any experience that has as its objective helping people manage their mood, increase their sense of well-being, and improve their emotional fitness. 


Experiences that we know people are always looking for to improve their quality of life are in the areas of:

  • presence & mindfulness, 

  • stress & anxiety management

  • visioning & planning

  • gratitude 

  • self-confidence

  • sleep

Image by Content Pixie

How Do I Create The Content?

It’s very easy.  Right now we are creating visual experiences based on scripts that you provide in audio form.  All you have to do is:

  1. Set up your Practitioner profile

  2. Upload a voice / sound recording of the session you want to build the immersive experience around.

  3. Choose your sequence of visuals from our rapidly expanding library

  4. If you need a background soundtrack you can pick one from our sound design lab library

  5. Submit your experience for approval 

  6. Publish

  7. Create as many experiences as you like.

If at any point you have a question our team is only an email or text away.

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